Stan Dale

Stan Dale
Founder, Human Awareness Institute
December 20, 1929 - June 8, 2007

The voice and heart of Stan Dale:

Over the years, it was my privilege and honor to make some video and audio recordings of Stan Dale.  On this page are excerpts from those recordings.

Offered with love,

Dan Murphy

Stan Dale
  • Stan talks about the Human Awareness Institute, 1993-94 audio

Stan reflects on the central themes of HAI and their role in real situations.
This is from an evening mini-workshop held in the Boston area in May, 1993.  There are 15 segments in total, and each one makes a wonderful meditation for the day.

1. "How Do You Feel When You're In Love?" YouTube
2. "What is Love?" YouTube
3. "You Are Spirit." YouTube
4. "Relationship." YouTube
5. "Intimacy." YouTube
6. "Feeling and thinking." YouTube
7. "Neuronal pathways." YouTube
8. "Are you committed?" YouTube
9. "Unconditional love." YouTube
10. "Spiritual and sexual being." YouTube
11. "What is sex?" YouTube
12. "Fear of Rejection." YouTube
13. "Loving Yourself." YouTube
14. "Trying." YouTube
15. "Please Stay In Love." YouTube
Stan Dale

    Stan is the guest on WRKO radio in Boston, September 21, 1991.
    Thanks to Lynn Thomas for contributing this recording. (Audio, 10 minutes per segment, 60 minutes total.)
    Segment 1,  Segment 2,  Segment 3,  Segment 4,  Segment 5,  Segment 6.

    Other recordings and pictures of Stan Dale:

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